Frequently Asked Questions

All the buildings we produce are insulated with high-quality PUR insulation foam and can be used all year round. The houses are very energy efficient and have low heating costs.

Houses do not need to build a separate foundation, only six building blocks are enough, on which the house can be placed. In the case of softer soils, it is recommended to dig a 70 cm hole under the block, which is filled with crushed stone and a building block is placed on top of it and placed on top of the house. A quick and cheap option is to use a screw foundation, six piles are enough.

If a base of six blocks has been placed on the plot in advance, the house is installed on the blocks within 1-2 hours and is immediately ready for use.

It is still possible, it is possible to combine different modules together and there is no limit to the final size. You can also order a house consisting of one module, which can be 25m², 30m² or larger.

The houses are equipped with a proper electrical system, water supply, toilet, boiler, kitchen furniture and appliances.

No. The cost of transport varies from region to region and is negotiated individually with each customer.

We only use graded strength (C24) and calibrated material. The material is pre-dried and of very high quality.

Soovi korral valmistame modulaarse maja kliendi oma soovide järgi. Oleme abiks ka erilahenduste väljatöötamisel.

It is necessary to ensure heavy truck access to the lot. The distance between the location of the house and the truck crane should not exceed 15m.

If you want to install kitchen furniture and appliances yourself, we have nothing against that, and you can also order a ready-made house box from us or do the interior finishing yourself.

It is still possible, we are ready to produce different elements according to the customer’s project.

If you have the necessary means of transport for this, we have nothing against it and you can use your own transport.

We still offer, we are ready to help in every way, so that the house arrives safely on your lot, we install the house on the base and, if necessary, we also help with the connection of communications.