Modular home Modern Modular Type FS 60

Energy-efficient modular home for year-round use. Available as a turn-key solution or as a shell with a completed exterior. The turn-key solution comes complete with a toilet, kitchen furniture and appliances (extractor hood, stove, refrigerator), adjustable LED lighting, underfloor heating and/or air-to-air heating, etc.

A building permit is not required to install a modular home, but a building notice must be submitted to the local government. We can help you with the preparation of a building notice. If you wish, you can submit the building notice yourself to your local government – in which case we will provide you with the necessary projects and drawings.

Modular home information

Construction area

60 m²

Floor surface area

45,6 m²


13,5 m


4 m


6 m



Ceiling height

3,5 m

Roof type

Flat roof





We created the Modern Modular series of modular homes to offer a small house that would be a big step up from garden houses, but not a step down from residential buildings. Modular homes are designed for energy-efficient use throughout the year. You can choose between underfloor heating and an air-to-air heat pump, or a combination of the two. A fireplace can be added if desired. A modular home has all of the comforts of home: a kitchen with appliances, a WC, a boiler, a shower, adjustable LED lighting, etc.

Exactly like a modern residential building with all of the comforts you have come to expect, simply in a smaller space. In order to fit everything you need into the smaller space, we have thought out the spatial plan and technical solutions for the entire module to the smallest detail. Based on all of the above, our modular homes are suitable as a replacement for a large residential building or as a holiday home.

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